Style of clothing according to the figure

types of figures

How to determine your type of shape?

It is very important for a woman to know the type of her figure. This helps correctly place the emphasis in choosing clothes and optimally choose a set of physical exercises for the development of specific muscle groups.

dress for a pear figure

Style of clothes for the figure type "Pear"

The type of the female figure "Pear" is characterized by a vivid expression in the waist and hips. Against this background, the shoulders visually look already thighs and to achieve the harmony of the image when choosing clothes, a shift in emphasis to the upper part of the trunk is required.

dress for an apple shape

Style of clothes for the figure type "Apple"

Characteristics of the female figure type "Yabloko" - this is the same width of the trunk in the area of ​​the shoulders and hips and almost complete absence of the waist. In this case, when choosing clothes, you should visually extend the figure and avoid tight fitting styles, narrow models and large drawings on the fabric.

type of figure Hourglass

Style of clothes for the figure type "Hourglass"

The figure of "Hourglass" is characterized by an ideal combination of proportions between the length and width of the shoulders, waist and hips. Tenderness and femininity in this case helps to emphasize clothing that repeats the curves of the silhouette and harmonizes with your image.

dress for figure type triangle

Style of clothes for the figure type "Triangle"

Shoulders wider than the hips - this is the main distinguishing characteristic of the type of female figure "Triangle". When choosing clothes, shift the accents from the upper part of the trunk to the lower one and allocate slender hips and legs.

type of figure rectangle

Style of clothes for the figure type "Rectangle"

Clearly delineated lines, lean physique and small breasts characterize the type of female figure "Rectangle". When choosing clothes, preference should be given to straight styles in accordance with the lines of the figure, but to avoid pritalivaniya.

types of figures

Choose a swimsuit by the type of figure

The beach is the place where every self-respecting lady should look great. This is possible only if the swimsuit profitable emphasizes all the dignity of the figure. There are many different styles and colors of swimsuits, but it is best to choose one that perfectly matches the type of figure.

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