Makeup palette by type of appearance

After you have defined your color pattern , you can move on to the most interesting - to choose your own individual style.

makeup for spring coloring

Shades in make-up for color-type Spring

Fresh gentle and warm tones of nature awakened after a winter sleep - a visiting card of women of a spring color type of appearance. They all seem to radiate a bright sunlight. When creating their image, these beauties should competently emphasize the advantages granted by nature.

makeup for autumn color-type

Shades in make-up for color-type Autumn

The autumn palette is the warmest and most cozy. Women with autumn color often have a bright appearance. They seem always energetic, optimistic. If you have dark brown hair and swarthy skin, instead of black it is worth trying on a dark brown or dark green, with a clear warm yellow tint.

Women of autumn color type by nature have the most vivid and expressive appearance. When creating your style, they should correctly place accents and maintain the contrasts between skin color, eyes and hair.

makeup for summer color

Shades in make-up for color-type Summer

Summer colorotype - the most common among Russian beauties. To emphasize its beauty, individuality and some mystery the main thing is not to overdo it in applying bright and saturated tones.

make-up for winter color-type

Shades in make-up for color-type Winter

Bright, but with a shining icy reflection shades of color - satellites winter color appearance. These beautiful beauties will look harmoniously cold saturated colors.

brown eye make-up

Make-up by eye color

Make-up - a visiting card of any self-respecting representative of the beautiful half of humanity. To achieve harmony with the appearance, it must be combined with the color of the eyes and emphasize the expressiveness of the look.

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