How to choose a style of clothes

Finding your own unique style of clothing is not so difficult. The main rule is to be able to listen to yourself, to know your inner world and secret desires. After all, clothes are an expression of our inner self, mood, and character. Ideal clothing is one in which we feel comfortable and confident.

An important factor in choosing a style is the features of our figure, growth, completeness, etc. Our following tips will help you choose clothes that emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws.

How to choose a style of clothes

There are many styles in clothes. The most popular are: business, romantic, street, sports, kazhl, military. The relevance of styles changes in accordance with the change in fashion trends. To choose your style of clothes, you need to listen to yourself: are you by nature a bright, open personality or a reserved, conservative person?

For business serious people, you need to select a basic wardrobe in a classic and business style. This style is suitable for office workers, for business meetings, negotiations and interviews. Such clothes will also suit the closed, modest individuals.

If you are practical, like comfort and convenience, learn the features of sports and street style, and you will certainly like the style of croz, jeans, safari or country. Clothing in these styles is convenient, suitable for an active lifestyle, does not contain bright extravagant details, does not crumple and is less likely to get dirty.

For gentle delicate ladies romantic style will suit. This style can be called universal: on the one hand - you look elegant, well-groomed, fashionable. On the other hand, you are comfortable, easy and simple, you can go to a restaurant, a date, a party, or just take a walk before going to sleep in the fresh air.

If you spend a lot of time in nature, dacha, often travel and go hiking, make up your base wardrobe in the following styles: country (western), sports, jeans, street, safari.

Stand out from the crowd, to become bright and original will help the style of baroque or disco. Especially popular today is the ethnic style, which makes it possible to look fashionable and unrepeatable. If you like special attention, wear ethnic clothes for a walk to the city or to visit.

In general, do not be afraid to experiment. And our tips will help you choose the right style of clothes, competently combine things and look stylish in any situation.

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