Choose the color of the hair under the eye color

Choosing a fashionable shade of paint, many women tend to first emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. The decisive role in choosing the right shade of paint is played by the color appearance of the exterior , which consists of a harmonious combination of skin tone, eye color and natural hair color. In this article, we will show how to use the right hair color to draw attention to the eyes, to give the look expressiveness and depth.

hair color for brown eyes

Hair color for brown eyes

The most successfully emphasize the depth of brown eyes, all shades of chestnut, chocolate, brown, copper, gold.

Choosing the color of hair for brown eyes should take into account the shade of the skin and the natural color of the hair. If your eyes are brown, and the skin is swarthy enough or very tanned, then choose dark shades of paint. This will make your image natural and more natural. Your ideal colors are warm chocolate, dark chestnut. Separate strands can be repainted in a light caramel, rust-honey color, this will give the hairdo an extra volume, and look - radiantness.

If you have brown eyes and skin of light, almost milky shade, it will look good light chestnut, milk chocolate, caramel, various shades of red. Sparkling shine of hair and healthy appearance will help to create bezammiachnye hair dyes.

If the brown eyes are light shades, for example, closer to a sand or nut color, you should avoid too dark, saturated deep hues for the hair, as bright brown eyes will be lost on the background of bright hair. Choose light, translucent colors of red, amber, caramel, golden shades.

If the hue of the brown eyes is bright, saturated, the color of the iris strongly contrasts with the eye protein, you can safely choose dark, contrasting colors for the hair, even with very light skin. Bright eyes and rich hair color will create a beautiful contrast with light skin, and you definitely will not go unnoticed!

Girls with brown eyes do not want to strongly lighten their hair, otherwise your image will not seem harmonious. Also it is not recommended to make hair much darker than its natural color.

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    hair color for green eyes

    Hair color for green eyes

    The expressiveness of green eyes is best emphasized by all chestnut shades, as well as copper-red.

    However, do not forget that green eyes have a rich variety of shades, and in each case, you must choose a shade of hair individually.

    When choosing the color of hair for green eyes, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the shade of the skin and the colored inclusions on the iris of the eye. If your skin has a golden hue, and the colored dots on the iris of the eye are yellow or orange, then all shades of warm tones, such as, for example, red, golden, reddish hues, will suit you. Bright, herbaceous-green eyes are best shaded with medium chestnut, light chestnut, light brown, rusty hues of hair. It will also look good honey or golden blondes, dark-red hair color. In general, the green eyes are more expressive with darker shades of hair, so you should not discolor hair to a blonde.

    But a light reddish, cold ash and platinum shades, the brightest blonde girls with green eyes should be avoided. They will make your face too pale.

    If the green eyes have a marshy shade, with an admixture of gray, gray-brown, and the skin - of cold pink tones, then you have a cold color , so hair colors should be chosen without reddish hair. The ideal color for you is a neutral brown, black tulip. If you are a blonde, choose ashy, platinum, wheaten colors.

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    hair color for blue eyes

    Hair color for blue eyes

    Blue eyes seem more expressive in combination with light shades of hair.

    In order to choose the ideal hair color for blue-eyed girls, you need to determine which color you belong to - warm or cold.

    In the representatives of warm color, blue eyes have yellow or red patches on the iris of the eye, a golden or bronze hue of the skin. In this case, golden blonde shades are the ideal color for blonde girls. Also you will like sunny-red colors, caramel. For darker girls, you can advise the shades of golden walnut or golden chestnut.

    If the blue eyes have a gray ice shade, and the skin is a cold pink palate, the natural hair color has an ashy, smoky "coating", you are a representative of a cold color. To emphasize the beauty of your eyes in this case will help the ashy, wheaten hues of hair. For dark-haired women, the ideal tint will be a black tulip.

    If the blue eyes are very light, discard bright and saturated dark hues of hair, your eyes may become faded or look unnatural.

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    hair color for gray eyes

    Hair color for gray eyes

    Gray eyes are neutral in themselves. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that they "adapt" to any color of hair.

    When choosing a hair color for gray-eyed girls, you need to pay attention to the shade of the skin. For representatives of a warm color-type with golden skin color, almost any warm shades of hair - from golden blond to warm chocolate. Black color in your case should be avoided, it will greatly age you.

    If you belong to a cold color, use cold shades of hair - from pearly, ash blond to burning black.

    Attention: gray-eyed girls should be careful with very dark shades of hair. Dark, black colors are only suitable for swarthy, tanned girls, otherwise your eyes will look glassy.

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