Choose clothes for the figure type "Apple"

Choose clothes for the figure type "Apple"

type of figure Apple

In women with the type of figure "apple" silhouette resembles a ball. The characteristic features of the figure are the shoulders and hips of the same width, the waist is practically invisible.

Women with the "apple" figure need to carefully select their style in clothing. Your main task is to visually extend the figure with the help of longitudinal vertical seams, lines and finishes. Also, the separation of colors along the vertical contributes to a given goal.


dress for an apple shape

With care, buy one-piece dresses. From these styles you can fit dress-sleeves without sleeves, as well as dresses with a corset (if the corset is too narrow, folds will form behind). Dresses with an overstated waist are your models.

To extend the figure will help asymmetry - we recommend wearing dresses cut out along the braid, as well as dresses with a belt. Choose a monochrome dress. You can decorate the bottom of the dress with a brighter color, this will distract attention from the waist.

Do not wear flying fabrics, they create an extra volume.

Tops and shirts

Before you replenish your wardrobe with a new top, pay attention to the following rules:

  • It is not recommended to wear too tight and too baggy models. For you, shape is important, so give preference to knitted or knitted things.

  • The shape of the cutout can be any. Today in vogue cutouts in the form of the letter V, "boat" or figurines, it is also allowed a high gate.

  • Do not wear blouses with large and fluffy sleeves.

  • Try on the top in the form of a flowing tunic from the lungs, perhaps, transparent and translucent fabrics.

  • Ideal - tops, tight breasts, and free in the waist area.

  • The length of the blouse should be below the waist, so as not to attract attention to the stomach.

  • The neck and chest should be opened.

  • Stress the chest with interesting details.

  • Buy tops with distracting details: fringe, ruffles, frills.

  • Waistcoats will help to make your waist more slender.

  • Multi-layer clothing is suitable for you. For example, try to wear a top and a transparent blouse, this visually narrow the figure. The blouse should emphasize the waist, otherwise you will appear square.

    Skirts and trousers

    You will like simple trousers of a straight and narrow style or narrowing downwards. Long narrow skirts or a skirt with a slit.

    Skirts and pants are better to wear in dark colors.

    Skirts with a high waist will help to give a silhouette to a figure - they will hide a tummy and will make a figure more womanly. A good skirt option for you will also be a trapezoid. She will give the figure harmonious proportions. You can also try a model of a skirt-sun, in combination with a semi-adjacent top you will look slimmer.

    Give up the model pencil skirt, it does not decorate you. Also, you should avoid the mini - in them you will look like a bun.

    The optimal length of the skirt for you is up to the knee or mid-calf. It is not recommended to wear bright tight belts, they only emphasize the lack of a waist.

    Do not wear jeans and trousers with a low waist. Your models - with a high or a little underestimated, with which you will create a beautiful silhouette without constrictions.

    You can safely wear patch pockets on the buttocks, they balance your figure. The front pockets will flatten the tummy, especially the slanting cut. Successfully sit on you wide jeans and trousers.

    Avoid tight models. However, fabrics are preferable to wear elastic, they will make your silhouette natural and feminine.

    If you have slender, beautiful ankles, you can afford caprices. Stylish silhouette will give leggings in combination with a skirt or a long half-trimmed tunic. Take care that the clothes are not small, otherwise the sides will hang awkwardly hanging from under the clothes.


    Suits are from long straight jackets with skirts up to the knee.

    You are recommended to wear shortened jackets, with a fastener at the chest level or just below it. They will bring you closer to the ideal of the female figure of the X-type.

    On the shoulders of the jacket should sit tightly, and leave the bottom loose. Try to leave the jacket unbuttoned, so you visually extend your silhouette. The length of the jacket should not be longer than the line of the thigh. Belt to eliminate!


    Women with a figure of "Apple" should wear classic fitted coats up to the knee. Choose the attention of the model with interesting details - large buttons, inserts, to distract attention from the round belly.

    If you like wearing down jackets, choose semi-adjacent models.


    When choosing a bathing suit, the Yabloko woman always faces difficulties. We offer some useful tips.

    You do not use swimsuits with deep decollete. It is better to choose a swimsuit with a square neckline on thick straps. Color bands in the center will look harmonious.

    One-piece swimsuit models are preferable for you. If you prefer a bikini, combine it with a skirt or top. Give preference to models with straps.

    The colors of the swimsuit - saturated: dark red, blue, black. Drawings should not be. Desirable color accent - an insert from strips in the center on the combined bathing suit.


    Heels will add femininity and harmony to you. For the summer version, sandals with straps are suitable. It will look good moccasins or pantowletes on a low heel (but only on the condition of thin slender legs).

    Platform shoes will help create a balance between the top and bottom of your figure.

    The main task when choosing boots is to emphasize slender legs. How to choose footwear according to the figure read more ...

    Ornaments: long beads or several chains at once.

    Summarizing, let's designate the main recommendations for the apple shape:

  • Brilliant jewelry - earrings, necklaces, etc. help distract attention from the abdomen.

  • Semi-adjacent and loose (but not baggy clothes) will help create a feminine silhouette.

  • Comfortable supporting bra, pulling underwear.

  • Uniform clothing will extend the silhouette of the figure.

  • Deep neckline will emphasize the top of the figure

  • Dresses and tops made of loose elastic fabric

    What you should avoid:

  • Strongly tight clothes.

  • Large drawings on the fabric.

  • Narrow models of skirts and trousers

    Guided by these tips, you will create your ideal image.

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