How to hide wide hips with clothes

How to hide wide hips with clothes

Wide hips are usually found in women with the type of figure "pear" . At excess weight with a similar problem women with a figure "hour-glass" can face. Professional stylists use some "tricks" that make it possible to visually hide the heavy bottom. Here are some tips to help make your figure slimmer.

Choose a skirt

If you have beautiful, slender legs, you should pay attention to the skirts, expanding downwards. The most advantageous option is a flared skirt below the knee, with an oblique cut, with an oblique stripe or sewn from a trapezoidal wedge. This skirt will solve two problems at once: distract attention from the wide hips, and make the figure as a whole more slender. Colors: black, brown or other dark tones (choose on the palette of your color). Harmoniously combined dark skirts with a light tunic of the same hue.

Be careful with narrow models of skirts: they go far from everyone. But if you still can not refuse these styles, you need to pick up an elongated cardigan, waistcoat or tunic. A stylish suit with a semi-fitting or short jacket will give the figure a slender shape and perfectly hide all the flaws in the figure.

Trousers, jeans

Many women believe that the wider the pants, the better they will hide the wide hips. However, this error is the most common. According to stylists, pants are best to buy classic straight or slightly expanding downwards. It will look good trouser suit. The jacket must fit slightly around the figure, its length should cover the hips (in no case should the jackets end on the hip line, they will be even wider). Straight jackets will turn your figure into a shapeless sack, as it hides all the curves of your figure. Trouser suits are better to choose dark colors, they will tie you up.

Jeans should choose the same styles as pants - the classic straight, you can slightly extended downwards. If you wear a stretch, cover the hips with a long bright tunic, or a jumper to the middle of the thigh, slightly widening downwards. Do not choose a model with a low waistline. It is better to refuse jeans of light shades, for example, pale blue, light blue - they will only emphasize the wide hips.

Blouses, tunics, blouses

Blouses and blouses are better to wear in light tones of monophonic, pastel color. The style of the dress should be slightly accentuated and attracting attention to the upper body (emphasis on gdudi).


If you want to visually reduce the hips, you should abandon the wide tight belts. Allowed narrow straps, freely located on the figure (do not pull!). Shoes on a high stable heel will make the legs more slender, the heel-stud will make full wide hips more prominent, with excess weight it is better to refuse them.

Using a medium-sized handbag, you can distract attention from the wide hips, if you wear it at the chest level.

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