Choose clothes for the figure type "Rectangle"

Choose clothes for the figure type "Rectangle"

type of figure rectangle

The characteristic features of the figure "rectangle" is that it has a minimum of smooth feminine lines. Shoulders and hips usually have the same width, and the waist is almost not marked.

In most cases, a rectangular woman has a lean physique, a small chest. If you are fuller, the weight is distributed throughout the body evenly.

We compose a wardrobe

For modern clothes, your figure is perfect. Your basic rule is to wear straight clothes according to the lines of your figure. The main thing is to decide on the style. We offer some tips, with which you will achieve the effect of soft, volumetric lines.

Tips: Wear clothing that has clear geometric lines in the shape of it. To simulate such a silhouette, drawings on fabrics, constructive seams, connecting garments, etc., will help. You fit the model without twists and turns. The same rule applies to the decollete - deep round cutouts do not go to you, it is better to prefer an oval, square or V-shaped cutout. The sleeve model must be vtachnoy. Pants and skirts - with a low landing. The fabric should not be too elastic to hold the shape. Excellent emphasize your silhouette sturdy, hard fabrics - gabardine, combed wool, heavy silk.

Combine the clothes in such a way that the top and bottom have different colors. Or choose a plain fabric in a strip with clear or straight lines of the pattern.

In ornaments, details with square, triangular or rectangular geometry are appropriate. Round earrings do not fit. Bracelets and necklaces should be made of flat elements, avoid wavy shapes.

If you want to visually increase the volume of the chest and thighs, choose dresses with a lush skirt and bodice.


When choosing a dress, you should simulate the silhouette of the waist. Just do not overdo it: the waist on the dress should not be sharply marked.

For a figure like "Rectangle" it is also desirable to emphasize the chest. Try on dresses with a round neckline, which visually enlarge the chest. Also we advise you to try on ruches or original details in the waist area.


With the help of tops, you can also simulate feminine curves. Choose the tops with a cut below the collarbone - this will visually stretch the neck and upper body. Suitable fabrics for blouses are flying, flowing.

In principle, when choosing tops, the same principles apply as with the selection of dresses. With the help of ruches and lace your image will become more feminine.

Visually narrow the waist with a wide belt.

With the help of three-dimensional sleeves, you can make the figure slimmer. Pay attention to the models with corsets, they will help to model the natural silhouette.

The optimal length of tops, blouses, sweaters and jackets should be up to the middle of the thigh or slightly higher.

Do not wear thin straps.

Skirts and trousers

Do not tuck your jeans, so your legs will look slimmer.

Choose pants with a flare or wide models. Avoid too tight and tight trousers: they will fill you.

If you have thin buttocks, buy jeans with a pattern or pockets on the hips.

You look great skirts with a low waist. Give up the "skirt-pencil" style, it will make your figure formless! Prefer skirts in the form of a trapezoid.


Extended models of jackets will help to pull out your figure. The jacket should fit perfectly on the figure, it is well-cut. With the help of patch pockets, you can balance the required proportions.


A harmonious image will help to create pre-fitted models of coats or models with a belt. Try also double-breasted coats, styles with patch pockets.


For a figure of the "Rectangle" type, open swimsuits are suitable. You can safely wear a bikini. They create a more feminine silhouette. Give preference to bright monophonic swimsuits.

Unfortunately, you need to abandon the thong. But swimsuits with a belt will sit on you perfectly!

When buying a one-piece swimsuit, choose models with diagonal stripes around the waist, the proportions will also balance the original parts. This will help you simulate the feminine silhouette of the figure.

So, a woman "rectangle" should wear:

  • Small shoulder pads to give a beautiful shape to the shoulders. But just try to make them invisible.

  • Semi-trailing clothes.

  • Sleeves should be short or absent altogether.

  • The cutouts are deep medium.

  • Belts in all kinds of clothes: on dresses, blouses, jackets, bathing suits

  • Skirts are trapezoid.

    "Rectangle" is best avoided:

  • Baggy clothes.

  • Narrow shapes of skirts and trousers.

    Close fitting clothes.

    Strongly pull the waist with belts, belts, elastic bands, etc.

    Wide skirts on an elastic band.

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