Image and style for the color-type "Spring"

Image and style for the color-type Spring

color-spring So, you have defined your color-type and now we turn to the most interesting - we choose your individual style.

Women of the spring type radiate the freshness and warmth of the awakening nature. They are always charming and attractive. It seems that they radiate the sun, cheerful and easy to climb, loyal friends and responsible workers. When creating your style, you just need to enjoy the benefits that nature has given you and try not to muffle them.

A woman-spring is not among the "fatal" women. Even tall and well-fed girls create the impression of fragility. The main advantages of Spring are naturalness, youth, freshness, tenderness and femininity.

Spring Palette

Try to attach a rich black handkerchief to your face. If you are Spring, your face surrounded by black will appear old, pale and painful. Fine wrinkles will become clearly visible. Remember, for color-type spring black color is contraindicated! Especially in the face area (hats, ties, blouses).

clothes for spring coloring Well refreshing face of Spring bright orange color. You will notice how your eyes will brighten in a new way, a fresh blush will appear, you will look younger than your years. Bright orange (not to be confused with earthy rust color) - suitable only for spring color.

Your rules when buying clothes: warm, light, natural, clean, natural colors.

If you have thin blond hair, choose very delicate shades. If the hair is light or dark, you can use a brighter color scheme.

Your colors:

  • White mixed shades: creamy white, ivory, all shades of the egg shell

  • Beige without a gray shade: light beige, camel, cream, dark beige, caramel color, sand, caramel color;

  • Warm yellow (! Without a cold shade - lemon does not fit): warm corn, golden yellow, daffodil yellow, flowers of sunflower and dandelion color of champagne;

  • Orange-yellow , bright orange, caramel color;

  • Glowing, transparent red color: coral, tomato, poppy, red pepper, red-orange shades from warm orange to gently apricot, bright brick red.

  • Uneaten brown , for example the color of milk chocolate with a lot of milk, golden brown;

  • Pink salmon (yellow-pink) and flamingo, light-peach;

  • Green: linden, May green, green apple, grass, yellow-green. Green color should be as if pierced by light, with a pronounced yellow hue, golden green;

  • Blue color without dark shades: light blue water color, soft blue sea color, cornflower blue, turquoise, aquamarine

  • Golden, the color of golden honey and a lighter shade

  • Purple hues: warm lilac, the color of mallow.

    You do not fit:

    Dark colors, black. Pastel and blurred "cold" shades. All cold gray shades. Snow white, bluish shades of red. Dark shades of blue, blue-green and green (color of needles, bright bottle-green). Purple-pink of any shade. Dark purple. Cool yellow tones, for example, lemon. Pinkish shades of brown, the color of cocoa. Cool pastel color of a withered rose. Berry shades: raspberries, cherries. Indigo color, bright royal blue.

    Style and style of clothes for the color-type Spring

    At the cut of clothing should pay special attention. The best for you are simple shapes, silhouettes with clear lines without fancy, fanciful details. Simple styles will give you an elegant look. Excellent looks at you also sporty style, emphasized by the refreshing tones of the warm palette. The less detail, the better it will look at you style.

    Also try to avoid wearing frills, toad and lace. Layered clothing is an unsuccessful choice. Do not get carried away by the romantic style.

    Clothes for work. An excellent option for work - beige suit or light brown. If you want to look sterner, choose a dark brown suit, and underneath put on a blouse (shirt) of color from your palette.

    Style: strict, straight. You go dresses, suits, trouser suits, blazers in combination with narrow trousers or skirts. For business meetings, choose a strict sports-classic style of clothes that will hide your fragility and give self-confidence.

    For the evening: evening dress choose a simple cut of a golden hue or the color of a red poppy. Instead of a dress, you can put on an expensive silk blouse of beige or warm light shade with evening trousers or a long skirt.

    For relaxation: loose blouses or shirts with jeans or straight skirts. The colors are warm, the styles are better sports, which symbolize relaxedness and ease.

    Optimum color for the summer season - beige.

    For winter, a golden brown suit or khaki color is perfect.

    Fabrics: light spring fabrics, lightweight knit fabrics, viscose, linen, suede, velvet are suitable for spring type.

    Patterns: one-tone fabrics are best for you, without patterns.

    You can pick up restrained, thin light and clear patterns - a cell, peas, a delicate narrow strip, specks, a small flower, a pattern of Venetian glass.

    Jewelry: it is better to wear yellow gold, jewelry made from yellow metals should look exquisite, refined and restrained. Fine creamy white pearls. Silver and silver metal - does not fit.

    How to choose the right earrings


    The glasses should not be visible on the face, look "airy". The color of the frame should refer to the spring palette. Ideally looks the frame of a golden yellow metal.


    Preferred colors for shoes, gloves and handbags are beige, light or golden brown, medium brown.

    Black shoes, of course, will not spoil your appearance as a whole, but if you want to create an ideal image for yourself, it is better to discard the black color in shoes, since it does not harmonize with the clothes of the spring palette.

    For a party, it will be ideal to look at a purse of golden hue. Ties are good for you in compositions with clear silhouettes and elements of a sporty style.

    If you prefer to buy bright, shiny accessories, choose clothing that is underlined by a simple cut.

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