Not every woman is happy with her appearance. However, it's not a secret that correctly chosen hairstyle, hair color, make-up, style of clothes and accessories can create a miracle and turn Cinderella into a princess.

Are you still in search of yourself? We will disclose to you the little secrets enjoyed by experienced stylists. With the help of our column "Yourself a stylist" you will create your ideal, unique image that will become the key to your success.

hairstyle for an elongated face

Hairstyle in the form of a face

Correct selection of a hairdress taking into account the features of the face helps to properly hide all the shortcomings and advantageously emphasize the dignity of the exterior, thus turning you into a real beauty. And vice versa, the most effective hairstyle, which does not take into account the shape of the face, can look quite unattractive.

hair color

Color of hair by color type of appearance

Before changing your natural hair color, you need to listen to the advice of experienced stylists and analyze how the desired hair color matches the color of your eyes and facial skin. The correct choice of hair color is carried out in accordance with the color appearance and ideally should refresh the image.

What color are the clothes for you?

Buying clothes, we often do not think about the fact that wrongly selected color can significantly spoil our image. Implement the ideal selection and avoid elementary mistakes if you follow the rules of the ideal ratio of the chosen color scheme of clothes with the color-type of our appearance.

Shades of makeup by type of appearance

Correctly executed make-up taking into account features of appearance is able to turn any lady into a dazzling beauty. But it is advantageous to emphasize your individuality - it is by no means an easy task, as it seems at first glance. The main rule when choosing the ideal color palette of makeup is a competent combination with the color of eyes, hair and skin.

Color types of appearance and your style:

  • How to determine your color pattern?

  • Choose the color of your hair according to the color of your eyes

  • Haircuts and hair styling

    Style of clothing according to the figure

    How to choose clothes by the shape type

    Correctly selected clothes should ideally approach your figure, it is advantageous to emphasize its advantages and correctly conceal some shortcomings. Therefore, when choosing clothes, it is first of all necessary to correlate it with the type of figure granted by nature, which, regardless of whether you have lost weight or have recovered, remains the same throughout your life.

    types of figures

    stylish shoes

    How to choose the right shoes

    Even the most magnificent costume does not produce the proper impression, if it is wrong to choose shoes for it. After all, correctly selected shoes can even transform your appearance - visually make your legs longer and slimmer, smooth out their fullness, or emphasize the slenderness of the figure. Here are the basic rules for the correct selection of shoes.


    Choose earrings to face

    Earrings are the most common decoration of women. It would seem, what difficulties can arise when they are chosen? However, it should be remembered that the brilliance of gemstones on earrings should not distract attention to yourself, but only to emphasize the natural beauty of your appearance.

    hairstyle by the type of figure

    Hairstyle shape by shape type

    Correctly selected hairstyle should ideally be combined with your height and type of figure. Only in this case you can achieve harmony with your appearance and emphasize a bright individuality. Take into account the advice of experienced hair stylists to choose a hairstyle in accordance with the type of figure to always look irresistible.

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