Care for dry skin

Care for dry skin Deficiencies of dry skin become evident by the age of twenty-five. Perhaps in your youth you were proud of your velvet cheeks, lack of fatty glitter and pimples.

But the older we become, the more noticeable is the defect in the skin of a lack of moisture and fat. Stretching, lichen spots, irritations and early wrinkles are the first sign that there was no proper care for dry skin.

Why does the skin get dry?

The water balance of the skin directly depends on the activity of the sebaceous glands. With dry skin, they release less fat than required to form a natural protective film. This film is formed from fat, sweat and moisturizing agents. It protects the skin from external adverse effects and protects against drying. With age, the production of fat is increasingly reduced and skin imperfections become more noticeable.

There is no better means to support the water balance of the skin than the natural skin fat. Defenseless cells become dry, flaky, their mutual connection weakens, and the skin loses moisture. In addition, dry skin becomes unprotected in front of harmful external influences, irritants can penetrate inside, as a result, the skin often becomes painfully sensitive and grows older faster. Let's try to find the right means to care for dry skin and compensate for what it lacks.

Care for dry skin

Dry skin requires a very accurate approach. It is very tender, it is easy to damage. Therefore, do not rashly experiment with drugs and overload it with means of care.

You need to observe the following rules:

Evening care: clean the skin of daytime cosmetics and dust. For cleansing, it is better to use soft milk, which soothes and nourishes the skin. Cosmetic milk dissolves in water, so you can simply wash it off with warm tap water. Before going to bed, apply a night cream containing fats and moisturizers. If the skin is very dehydrated, a moisturizer can be applied to the night cream, for example, hydrogel.

If the skin is too tight, instead of a night cream, you can sometimes apply a medical ointment containing panthenol.

Morning: wash your face with warm water. If the water is stiff, it will be more useful to wash the face with a decoction of chamomile or lime-colored. Then apply a day cream. The cream should be light in consistency, contain nutrients and moisturizers. In addition, your day cream should contain light filters that protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

What can damage dry skin?

1. When dry skin should be less likely to use sauna, sauna, engage in sweatsports. It dehydrates the body. -Floating in chlorinated water dries the skin. Chlorine flushes valuable protective substances, destroys the delicate skin. To reduce the damage, apply a thick layer of oily moisturizer or make a mask - nourishing or moisturizing.

2. Scrubs, peel extractors that remove horny particles are best not to use with dry skin, as it can be damaged. Usually, dry skin does not need such remedies at all.

3. Skin care products should not contain alcohol

4. Do not use hardening masks - can damage the skin.

5. In the cold season, your skin is more prone to stress, do not try new products on it, pay more attention to skin care.

6. Try not to drink alcohol, because it takes away from the tissues of minerals, thereby reducing the ability of tissues to retain moisture.

7. Do not abuse laxatives. They also wash away mineral substances from the body and, at the same time, moisture from the skin.

8. Hide the skin from the sun. It reduces the supply of moisture in the skin, and also penetrates deeply into tissues with ultraviolet radiation.

9. Central heating and climate devices dry the air in the room. Try to maintain the humidity in the norm with the help of special moisturizers or indoor plants (especially good for this purpose Cypriot grass and green lilies).

What you need to know about dry skin

Skin is 70 percent water. The decisive role in the preservation of moisture is played by the stratum corneum, which consists of dead keratinized skin cells. Cosmetic care is aimed at ensuring that the stratum corneum retains elasticity, in the first place this means stabilizing its moisture content. Then it protects the underlying layers, in which the main moisture reserves are retained. In order to maintain optimum moisture in the stratum corneum, regular maintenance with moisturizers is necessary.

The correct choice of cosmetic means plays an important role in skin care. Modern drugs retain the effect for 12 hours, and with regular application - a long-term effect. If you have applied moisturizing cream and after two or three hours the skin again requires moisturizing, then this cream is not for you. Perhaps it lacks fat components.

Modern laboratories for moisture binding in the skin have specifically developed such moisturizing substances as liposomes, nanospheres and thalaspheres. Clinical effect was proved by Ceramids (cerebrosides, sphingolipids).

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