Shine of hair - as in a glossy magazine!


With today's abundance of cosmetics for hair to achieve a glossy gloss can not much. In order for your hair to shine, as on the cover of a fashion magazine, you need to know some secrets. And we are ready to share them with you!

Secret number 1. LAMINATION.

Lamination of hair is the application of a special composition, as a result of which a breathable microfilm forms on the hair, which resists damage. The procedure is usually held in the salon. "Laminated" hair grows in volume up to 10-15%, it acquires dazzling brilliance and smoothness. It is the flowing glitter that you have long dreamed of.

Secret number 2. COSMETICS

A dazzling shine of hair will help to achieve modern cosmetics. It is only necessary to choose a suitable remedy for yourself - and the long-awaited dream of shining glossy hair will become real!

shine cream HAIR CREAM

Properties: Gives curls to the curls. The cream takes care of the hair, protecting them from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. The composition of creams for shine includes light-reflecting particles, UV filters. Some manufacturers include in the cream of antioxidants, which allow you to combat the age-related processes of hair and scalp.

Today on sale there is a huge selection of creams for shine, with different compositions and properties. The more reliable the manufacturer of the cream, the better the result you get from the products.

As a result of applying the cream for shine, the hair becomes more plastic, softer and silky, and they are filled with amazing shine!

Quality cream also has the following properties:

  • nourishes and moisturizes the hair, without making heavier or making them fat.
  • protects against the overdrying effects of hair dryer, stiffening forceps and iron.
  • Ideal for dry, dyed and dull hair.
  • It gives the hair a shape and volume

    Usage rules: apply a small amount of cream to wet or dry hair and apply it with a hair dryer. Or apply a small amount of money to your fingertips, spread it over your hair and model your hair.

    Leading manufacturers of creams for shine:

    1. Modeling cream-shine with therapeutic effect «Crema Fluida Lucidante». The agent enters the line for hair styling Biomed Hairtherapy

    2. Cream for shine of hair Pearl Smooth Luminous Wella SP

    gel for shine of hair LIQUID SHINE / GEL FOR SHINE

    Liquid gel-gloss is made on the basis of plant components. The gel gives the hair a radiance and smoothness. For owners of disobedient and curly hair - it's just a rescue! It covers hair with an invisible protective film, creating maximum protection and support for the hair, and also gives the hair shine. Hair becomes elastic, soft and docile. Choose professional means. A quality gel does not contain any oils and does not leave a trace behind itself. The remedy should not be sticky and dry your hair.

    The gel contains the following components:

  • Polymers that straighten hair and make them elastic: smooth curly hair, protect it from moisture, neutralize the electrostatic effect, making the hair softer.
  • Panthenol: softens hair, moisturizes and nourishes them, thanks to its ability to penetrate the hair.
  • Fixing components: fixing gives a natural look to the hair.
  • Silicone polymers: distributed throughout the length of the hair, give the hair more shine and maintain a water balance of hair
  • Provitamin B5 protects and condenses hair, multifruit complex adds extra shine.

    Method of application: Gel shine is suitable for all types of hair and can be applied to both dry and wet hair. The gel has an air-conditioning effect, and also protects the hair from external damages. Apply the product to damp hair for hair styling and on dry hair to facilitate combing. The gel effectively works with a straightening iron.

    spray for shine AEROSOL SPRAY FOR SHINE

    Aerosol sprays for shine give the hair a healthy shiny appearance. After applying the spray, the hair looks particularly well-groomed, and the colored hair becomes saturated. It is worth considering that, unlike hair spray, the spray does not fix the hair, so it does not fit to fix the hair.

    Today, manufacturers in the field of hair care products offer a huge variety of various sprays - a spray with diamond glitter, a spray with a curative effect for dry and damaged hair, a spray with protection from harmful UV radiation.

    The composition of the spray can include the collection of natural medicinal herbs, which actively nourish and moisturize hair, make them silky and obedient, facilitate combing. The spray is sprayed onto the hair upon completion of the laying of any kind of hairstyles - model competitive and everyday. When used correctly, the product does not make the hair heavier. On a smooth hairstyle it is possible to spray a spray more, on the dismissed laid hair - a small amount of liquid is enough. You can also choose a spray with a waterproof polymer that prevents hair curling and loss of hairdress form under the influence of moisture.

    Choose an aerosol spray for shine

    wax for shine and styling WAX FOR STACKING

    Another tool to give a dazzling shine to the hair is wax for styling. Wax adds clarity to strands. Stacks and fixes hair of any type. Gel-wax is perfectly soluble in water, therefore it is washed off very easily.

    However, if you are the owner of fine hair, you should use wax with extreme caution, or refuse at all.

    Professional hair styling lines:

    1. Wax for laying Taft "Shining brilliance". Schwarzkopf.
    2. OSiS universal wax from Schwarzkopf.
    3. Wax for styling "Wella Desing" ("Vella design").

    Serum for smoothing hair SERUM / GEL for smoothing hair

    Shine hair, as is known, depends on the degree of smoothness of their structure. Modern developments in the field of cosmetics allow perfect smoothing of the surface of the hair, which will give them a dazzling brilliance.

    Hair tips are usually the first to signal a violation of the natural health of the curls. Smoothing gels and essences glue the split ends, smooth the structure of the hair along the entire length. As a result - a dazzling shine of hair from the roots to the tips, the hair looks alive, silky, elastic.

    Mode of application:

    Warm a small amount of essence in hands and apply to damp hair - from the middle of the hair shaft to the tips.

    laminating gel LAMINATING GEL

    The most effective, however, the most expensive means for obtaining a delightful shine of hair at home is a laminating gel. This is an alternative salon procedure for laminating hair.

    Laminating gel moisturizes the structure of the hair. Sealing the cuticle of hair, makes hair thick and bulky. Gives shine. Preserves and prolongs the brightness and color saturation of colored hair.

    Due to the flexibility it is possible to achieve any styling. It repairs the most damaged hair, gives elasticity and docility.

    Method of application: apply the gel on the palm, then on clean damp hair, distribute the comb along the entire length.

    For normal hair of medium length - 1-2 clicks on the dispenser, for hard hair of medium length - 2-4 strokes. On the most damaged areas of hair - 1 click on the dispenser.

    Manufacturer of laminating gel:

    Trie Base Jell 1 Lebel, Japan

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