Toning of hair

toning of hair

Toning of hair is a coloring not with persistent paints, as usual, but with lighter shade means. Light tonal funds are attractive for most women, because they allow you to try different shades before you finally decide on a radical change in hair color.

Especially suitable for toning hair to amateurs often give the hair a new shade in accordance with the requirements of fashion, without problems providing a new image. Soft, gentle paints allow you to restore the native color without harm to only beginners graying hair (no more than 40% of gray hair).

Tinting the hair can change the shade or saturate the natural color. Tinted means do not affect the internal structure of the hair at all, but only envelop it, holding on to the scales of the cuticle. Aligning the structure of the hair, toning also provides a beautiful shine and a rich, natural color. Toning dyes are gradually washed out with every wash of the head, leaving no sharp boundaries between the dyed and unpainted hair. And, in contrast to persistent coloring or clarification, they have a more gentle effect on the hair, since they do not contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide.

Types of hair toning

Distinguish intense and gentle toning. Paints for intensive toning do not contain ammonia, but only a few oxidizing substances, and last up to two months. With their help you can achieve lightening for a couple of tones or coloring in any dark color. With gentle toning, the paint lasts about two to four weeks, which allows you to repeat the coloration more often. Such products usually contain various vitamins and supplements that facilitate combing and caring for the hair, without disturbing their structure. And for the lightest toning of hair, shampoo products are produced, coloring agents in the form of mousses, foams and even sprays, which are washed off through one or several washes - this is especially true for bright neon shades.

How to make toning correctly

Toning hair by technique is not much different from the color of hair. It is best to perform this procedure with a professional master. For fans of comforting themselves at home, our next advice.

1. Put on gloves and cover your clothes to protect yourself from stains of paint. The adjacent skin areas are protected with a fat cream, thanks to which the paint is easily washed off the skin.

2. The colorless agent is applied to clean damp hair. The paint is squeezed out onto the palm and applied to the hair along the entire length. After that, the hair is combed with a non-metallic comb with wide teeth, so that the paint is distributed evenly. Withstand the time specified in the instructions, and rinse with water until it becomes clean. If the paint gets on the skin, it is washed off with alcohol soaked in alcohol.

When toning hair with a shade of shampoo, it is applied to the hair twice. The second time it should be left on hair for 3-5 minutes and only after that wash off. The longer the shade of the shampoo remains on the hair, the brighter the shade becomes.

When toning hair, you can use either one or several shades. This procedure is often preceded by the lightening of individual ringlets. However, if you add more dark strands to your own color, you do not need to discolor your hair. To achieve the effect of naturalness is used no more than three shades, close to their own color, which is played out with lighter or darker glare. Tint can be wide strands, or create more subtle shades of shades.

The color of the toning agents for toning has a fairly wide palette. But first you need to carefully read the table of matching the original hair color and nuances of the shade. The tone closest to natural color is best. But miracles do not happen, and it's impossible to lighten dark hair with toning. Light shading means on dark hair will simply not be visible.

A few months before toning hair, as well as before dyeing, you need to stop using henna, so as not to get an unplanned shade. It is often useful to pass before toning the course of treatment and strengthening of weakened and dull hair, because even the most sparing dyes are not completely harmless. And in the future, tinted hair also needs special care - shampoos, balms and masks for colored hair.

Toning of light hair

To give a beautiful fashionable shade to light hair, it is not necessary to spoil them with peroxide and chemical dyes. With the help of a tonal means, the hair will acquire a glossy sheen, become stronger and more voluminous. Your main task is to correctly determine the shade of your hair (warm or cold) and choose the right paint color.

For blondes with a warm shade of hair (reddish, golden, honey) choose a tonal means of golden tones - honey, sunny, caramel. These colors will refresh your face and make you younger.

Light shades for toning can achieve the effect of burnt hair, which looks very nice on long hair.

Cold ashy and smoky natural hair color can be revived with the help of pearl, platinum, ashy, silvery, wheat tonal.

Also, toning makes it possible to experiment remarkably with copper and red hues, especially dark blondes and fair-haired, as the shading means contain all shades of red and fashionable red tones.

Toning dark hair

Dark hair, unfortunately can not be lightened with shade means. However, for example, you can darken the chestnut hair with a golden hue to get a barely perceptible beautiful sunshine.

With the help of toning, you can achieve on the dark hair of amazing juicy shades - chocolate, chestnut, eggplant, blue-black, all shades of red. Do not be afraid to look for yourself and experiment. Any of these shades can be washed off 1-2 times without harm to the hair.

Every girl wants to look attractive in the eyes of other people. Everyone knows that a smooth, healthy complexion is the best testament to the well-being and health of its owner. However, if imperfections of the skin are deprived of certainty, one should resort to one of the many means to create an even tone. The most effective means of combating visible defects can be called a foundation for make-up. In modern cosmetology practice, there are different ways of applying the substrate, they differ in the technology of application and composition. It is worth noting that any kind of foundation for make-up is aimed at creating a holistic image. Therefore, every girl can choose for herself this or that kind of a basis for a make-up. Choosing powder, emulsion or one of the many types of cosmetic products in this category, it is important to remember that they differ in the way they are applied. Modern makeup bases consist of various elements that contribute to the convenience and effectiveness of the application. Special components are aimed not only at ensuring the durability of the applied coating, but also on the most convenient, sliding application. Special substances from the composition of the tone guarantee its rapid absorption and distribution across all areas of the skin of the face. An important role is played by color particles that determine the final result. They include oxides of iron and titanium. As you know, many girls choose this or that unit of cosmetics for flavor and texture. Therefore, many manufacturers of cosmetics are trying to use natural ingredients that give the product a pleasant aroma. But to refuse the use of preservatives at the moment is very difficult: they provide the duration of storage of cream or emulsion for make-up. Each of the types of bases differs in composition. Modern manufacturers offer numerous types of these products. Creams are the best suited for dry skin, as they include emollient oils. Emulsions, unlike creams, do not weight the skin, but serve the purpose of eliminating the smallest deficiencies for all skin types. Gels are lighter than emulsions, however, they do not fit all the girls. Only owners of normal skin will find such a foundation for effective make-up. A liquid foundation for foundation under the make-up can be applied every day, because it does not make the skin harder. Conversely, if a liquid substrate is applied, you do not have to worry about creating a masking effect. In this case, you should carefully choose the appropriate color tone. Weight heavily different types of compact powders. They are not suitable for daily use, because it can significantly worsen the condition of the problem skin. The thing is that the powder dries the pores, which is not recommended for women with dry skin. On the other hand, supporters of "dry" types of bases for make-up indicate the advantages of loose powder. It has not such a dense structure as a compact powder, but can create a matte finish. However, do not apply it, if a layer of liquid substrate was previously applied. Thus, the optimal use of friable powder is to adjust the applied makeup. At the end of the day, make-up will not work if you use the powdery powder correctly. It is worth remembering that every component used for make-up should be properly selected according to the type of skin. This will prevent the appearance of acne and other skin problems. Choosing the suitable basis for this type of skin foundation for make-up, the customer will provide reliable protection to her skin, which is important in living in modern megacities and large cities. On the other hand, the effect created by a properly selected basis or tone will not take long. The thing is that modern cosmetics create almost instant effect of healthy and shiny skin of the face. Remember that the make-up base does not create the mask effect: the skin is able to breathe, because the tones of different types do not block the pores. Therefore, you can use the means to mask skin imperfections almost every day, without fear of worsening the current state. If there is no allergy to one of the components of the formula, you can easily buy a makeup base in accordance with the type of your skin.

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