Triangular shape of the face. Hairstyle and style

The triangular face is characterized by a broad forehead and a narrow chin. The main tasks that need to be solved when creating a harmonious image are to cover the wide forehead and smooth out the narrow chin.

Hairstyles for a triangular type face

Hairstyles must be chosen in such a way that they gradually expand to the lower part of the face.

You are ideally suited to such a haircut, which will resemble the shape of the trapezoid. That is narrowed from above and expanded in the lower part (in the region of cheekbones). To even more hide the flaws, you can slightly twist the hair, bending the tips out.

hairstyle for a triangular face

The optimal length of hair for a triangular face is up to the middle of the neck or slightly lower. It will look good and a short cut. Finish the ends of the hair with a beautiful wave.

You can also choose such a hairstyle so that its widest part is located along the line of the middle of the ear or earlobes. Do not emphasize the wide cheekbones, do not make short bangs and do not comb the side strands smoothly back.

hairstyle for a triangular face

A broad forehead narrows a small bang. A bang can be made long straight or oblique.

To divert attention from the narrow chin will help "feathers". This haircut can be created by stepping off the hair from the top to the bottom. Lay feathers in this way: put a little gel or wax on the tips and twist them into separate "feathers." Such a haircut will help give hair extra volume.

triangular face If the features of the triangular face are not very pronounced, you can make a short haircut with the strands thrown back from the forehead.

Recommended hairstyles. A long slant fringe covers most of the forehead and reaches the eyebrow line. The thickest part of the bilge lies just above the bridge of the nose. Hair at the same time closes only the upper part of the ears.

When you design your hair, an easy start is used. A high hairstyle with a thick straight fringe can also be recommended. Straight bangs and curls on the vertex create a contrast in the details and lines of the hair. Thus, the entire hairstyle is built on contrasts, which are beautifully combined with the shape of a triangular face.

Unrecommended hairstyles. Too short a bang in the hair is not suitable for a triangular face. Also, smoothly combed side hairs should be avoided - as a result of this, the bony projections stand out sharply against the general background of the hair. A short haircut, especially of the "masculine type," girls with a triangular shape of the face will not do.

Do not make your hair with clear lines. It is best if the ends are profiled, that is, cut with special scissors. Due to this too thick tips are removed, as a result, the visibility of the volume is created.

It will be unattractive to look at the face of a triangular type of hairstyle, in which the face is completely open. For example, so beloved by many "licked" tail. Unfortunately, this hairstyle is suitable only for an oval face.

Eyebrow shape for a triangular face

The triangular face is not suitable for straight eyebrows, it is better to slightly lift them upwards. Try to give the eyebrows a form in which they at least slightly bend.

Makeup rules for a triangular face

With the help of make-up, you can visually balance the wide upper part of the face with a narrow lower:

- Darken the whiskey and the side surface of the cheekbones with a darker base ; - if an acute chin is allocated, powder it with a darker powder; - highlight the scutum hollows and lateral surfaces of the lower jaw,

Blush is superimposed on the front surface of the cheeks in the shape of a diamond, the color is light, delicate.

Eyeglass frame for triangular face:

The rectangular shape of the frame will make your face proportional: slightly widen the upper part and, conversely, narrow in the temples. The glasses in fine frames are best.

Using our tips, you can create an ideal, harmonious image that will be your main key to success.

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