What kind of mascara to choose?

What kind of mascara to choose?

The ink for eyelashes is the most popular means of cosmetics.

Choose the ink of famous manufacturers. Any mascara must be sold within three years. You can use it only six months, after this period, mascara is better to replace. Never use someone else's ink. Always close tightly the tube with mascara and try not to wipe off excess carcasses on its neck. Do not dilute thickened mascara, it is better to change.

Modern carcasses contain proteins, provitamin B5, ceramides - substances included in the composition of hair care products. To eyelashes always remain fluffy and thick once a week, lubricate them with burdock or castor oil, or apply healing gels.

Mascara happens:

Elongating - earlier this ink contained villi, which when staining were attached to the ends of the eyelashes. Now the increase in length is due to special polymers, as it were, increasing eyelashes, and a brush with a short spiral pile.

Volumetric - for consistency this mascara is more saturated than lengthening. In its composition, it has a combination of various natural and artificial waxes. The effect of fluffiness is achieved using a special brush with villi, located at different levels.

Waterproof - this composition includes waxes of high concentration, polymers and film-forming components. It is completely resistant to water, does not spread and does not fall off the eyelashes. Waterproof mascara does not contain water, which creates certain difficulties in removing it. Therefore, take care of a special oil-based make-up remover.

Twirling - this mascara evenly bends each cilium with the help of a curved thick brush with villi of different lengths. In its composition, as a rule, there are special gels fixing the bend.

Recently, in decorative cosmetics, new trends have emerged that allow you to expand the capabilities of one tool and get an amazing result. The philosophy of double cosmetics is simple - the first tool provides care, protection and preparation for the application of the second remedy, which gives an expressive decorative effect. Begin with a white base that cares for the eyelashes, strengthens them and adds volume, then apply mascara of classic black that fits any color of the eyes.

1. The base coat is applied first to the lower lashes, then to the upper lashes.

2. To emphasize the almond-shaped incision of the eyes, the base is applied from the center of the eye to the outer corner. Then all the eyelashes are painted with black ink.

3. To visually make the look more open, the base covering is superimposed only but the central part of the upper and lower eyelashes. Then the color pigment is applied to all eyelashes.

4. Additional volume can be created by applying a white base in several layers, then dyeing the eyelashes with a black pigment.

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