Hair styling at home

Hair styling at home

Not so long ago, women were preparing funds for hair styling themselves, for this purpose used sugar water, beer and even gelatin. Fortunately, these times have passed. Currently, the choice of hair styling products at home is great, it's all sorts of mousses, sprays, gels, waxes and varnishes. Such a means of well fixing the styling, as well as protect hair from sunlight, from thermal appliances (hair dryer, forceps), from mechanical damage. On the hair should be applied a small amount of means for styling. Do not use more than three different compounds at the same time, this can overload the styling, the hair will get washed and untidy appearance.

Quickly curling both short and long hair can be done with the help of a thermal roller. With this method of styling, the hair must be dry, the curlers preheated. Separate a strand of hair, sprinkle it with a spray and screw it over the heated curlers. Wait for about 20 minutes, until the thermobooths cool, then gently remove them, place the curls with a comb and fix with lacquer. The method of curling hair on a thermal roller is fast and effective, however, it is more recommended to use it more than once a week.

There are several uncomplicated secrets of laying curly hair. Comb your hair while they are wet, then apply the gel for styling, evenly spreading over the entire length of the hair, dry hair naturally. If you decide to use a hairdryer, then lift the hair roots and dry them, this will give the hair volume. Leave your hair a little wet, otherwise you risk drying them and making them brittle. During and after laying curly hair, you should not comb the curls, otherwise they will simply crumble.

Straighten wavy from the nature of hair can be not only in the hair salon, but also independently at home. To do this, you will need a smoothing cream or mousse, a hair dryer, a round brush and a comb. Smooth the cream or mousse on damp hair, dry hair with a hair dryer, pulling the strands down with the power of a round brush. The roots of hair, too, dry the hair dryer, this will give the hair volume and splendor. Dried hair with a comb spread on the head, fix the resulting lacquer laying.

Hair of medium length requires no less attention in terms of styling. With the help of a hair dryer and a round brush, you can twist the tips of the hair inside or out, the same procedure can be done with curling irons. You can make a straight, oblique or zigzag parting. On medium-length hair, any parting will look good, to sprinkle it with a small amount of varnish. Tongs can create curls, and with a special ironing on the contrary you can straighten your hair. As an auxiliaries for styling use thermal protective sprays or lotions, also easy mousse.

A short haircut allows a woman to save time on styling. On the other hand, a short haircut imposes certain obligations on its owner, the hair should always be clean, well-groomed and neatly laid. For daily laying on damp hair, apply a light mousse, lifting the strands at the roots, dry them with a hair dryer, this will give the hair volume and shape. For styling very short hair, you can do without using a hair dryer, just apply a small amount of mousse and fix the desired direction of the hair. Another good option for styling short hair - rasskopannye on the back of the head of the hair, apply a small amount of wax.

Cholka is considered an important part of any hairstyle. The chick can be slightly curled or pulled back by using a hair dryer and a brush. To fix the bang, use hair spray or a light spray, but do not put mousse or gel on a bang.

When choosing a comb, the material has no special meaning. The main thing is that the surface of the comb is perfectly smooth, and the tips of the teeth are neatly ground. For everyday use, choose a comb with sparse teeth, they damage the hair less. Brushes for hair styling should have medium stiff bristles, bristles at the ends should be rounded. If you use a brush when drying hair with a hairdryer, it should have a rare bristle, and its base must be provided with air outlet holes. Choose a comb and a brush correctly, from frequent teeth and thick bristles, the hair suffers and splits at the ends.

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