"Waterfall" nail design

waterfall design of nails

Waterfall design of nails or "waterfall" technique, in professional terms, is part of the new technology of combining acrylic and gel with modeling and design of nails.

Thanks to the new technology, there is a unique opportunity to combine several types of design when modeling artificial nails, creating the effect of a three-dimensional image, located under the stream of water under a waterfall. The effect is stunning!

Time for the implementation of the "waterfall" design will take half as much as to perform design of such complexity in the traditional way.

But keep in mind that when performing a "waterfall" design, a master requires professionalism in work, both with acrylic and with gel, as well as a high level of ownership of both materials. So be sure of your master!

As with any modeling of nails, the work of the master begins with the disinfection of the client's hands, then a "dry" manicure is performed without injuring the delicate skin of the cuticle, making a natural shine from the nail plate and degreasing it. Only after all these procedures go to modeling the free edge of the nail.

When performing the design, colored acrylic powders with various densities are used. You can choose any colors and their combinations according to your desire. At the disposal of the master are several collections of high-quality colored powders: transparent, translucent, matte, pastel, and colored acrylics with different sequins. Therefore, both the plot and the color scale of your nail design can be limited only by your imagination. "Waterfall" you can perform any design - whether it's "floral", "abstraction" or "animalistic".

To emphasize the individual elements of the composition and to give details to the finished look, nail paints are used. For the elegance and uniqueness of the design, Swarovski rhinestones of various shapes and colors can be used, as well as small colored beads (bouillons).

Zapilivanie made only on the perimeter of the free edge of the nail.

In the end, to achieve the waterfall effect, the nail is modeled with a transparent constructing gel.

Source: www.cmstudio.ru

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