Green eyes makeup

Green eyes give the opportunity to its owner to experiment boldly with her image. Their charm and captivating beauty can be emphasized with the help of a rich palette of shades - from emerald to dark green, from soft beige tones to dark brown (but that's not all!).

We offer to find the most winning and fashionable colors that most green-eyed girls like. You will be surprised that those shades that you previously avoided may be interesting to start playing on your eyes.

Brown shades for green eyes

When choosing shadows for green eyes , you should experiment with different shades of brown, especially chocolate shade. These colors perfectly blend in with the green iris, emphasize the depth of view. Brown shades can be combined with green, gold and copper at the same time, your make-up will become more expressive.

Peach and beige shades are suitable for a base on which more dark shades will look more effective.

Warm copper shades

Copper and golden tones perfectly in harmony with green eyes. They are ideal for glamorous evening make-up.

If the green-eyed beauty belongs to the warm color of the exterior (Spring or Autumn), then when choosing a color makeup palette it is important to focus on warm tones, and cold ones - to avoid. This will be a win-win method for selecting shades that emphasize the mysterious beauty of green eyes.

Makeup of green eyes in pink tones

Pink - quite "whimsical" color, judged difficult. Some shades of pink seem to be created for green eyes, while others do not fit absolutely and give the green eyes a painful redness. But it is possible to determine whether the chosen shade belongs to the first or second category, only by trial and error.

Green shades

With the help of green shadows, you can visually increase your green eyes, and also make the look deep and expressive. However, stylists warn that an incorrectly chosen green tint can ruin everything: your bright green eyes can become faded.

Be careful with warm light green and golden green shades: they can highlight the yellow specks that are often present on the iris of green eyes and the tint of your eyes may become less attractive.

Violet and lilac shades

Dark purple, plum and lilac shades are contrasting to green, so they can make the green eyes as expressive as possible.

To light hair is better to choose lighter shades, the darker the hair color, the more deep and rich the shade will be to you.

Dark blue outline

Stylists do not recommend blue shades of shadows for green eyes. But a completely different result can be obtained with the help of a contour for the eyes of a saturated blue hue. The eye can be traced only from below, this technique is often used today by Hollywood stars.

Makeup of green eyes in golden tones

Fresh golden shades will give the green eyes an incredible glow, a shiny sun. Such make-up will be win-win at any party.

Color taboos

To make the green eyes always look perfect, you need to remember the shades that can play a cruel joke with you.

1. Shadows of blue and blue make green eyes less expressive. Avoid a large amount of blue, use it only in the corners of your eyes.

2. Silvery and gray shades are also not ideal for green eyes. The look will look extinct.

Choose the color of the eyeliner

Try not to use black eyeliner or a pencil for daytime make-up of green eyes, it looks a bit vulgar. Black will be appropriate only in the evening. It is recommended to replace the black with a gray or chocolate brown pencil. White or golden pencil will help to visually enlarge the eyes.

How to apply makeup for green eyes: step by step instruction

The rules for making green eyes make up for the event that you are going to. The complexity of makeup depends on the number of selected shades.

We present an option that is ideal for daytime make-up.

1. We apply a more light foundation on the entire eyelid - from the growth of the eyelashes to the eyebrows. It is better to choose a beige or shiny tone.

2. Now, apply peach or light brown shades on top and evenly shade.

3. Take the shadows of a darker, deeper shade (chocolate brown, dark green, copper, etc.) and apply according to the rule:

a) Stress the corners of the eyes, starting from the middle of the eyelid, from the line of growth of the eyelashes, to the area above the fold. Make the transition of shades imperceptible by means of feathering. If desired, you can emphasize the dark shadows of the lower eyelid, the look will become more expressive.

b) Draw a brush from the inner to the outer corner of the eye so that the line is wide. Extremely.

4. Now you can use a contour pencil or eyeliner, as well as make up eyelashes with mascara.

Your perfect image is ready!

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